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Ohio, United States

                                                Coaching can make a difference.

  • One-on-one private sessions
  • On your schedule
  • Zoom or phone available


Coaching is wonderful for adults with ADHD because it addresses the stuff that isn’t necessarily solved with medication.
Whether or not you are taking medication, coaching can help an individual become organized, learn time management skills, how to prioritize, and even provide a safe space to work on social skills. Unlike therapy which looks into your past to understand your present, coaching looks at the present to help you move forward in the areas you choose to work on.


You develop personalized strategies and tools to manage your family. By reinforcing your strengths, you stop judging yourself for mistakes and you become a confident part of the solution. We spend most of our time troubleshooting your challenges with the goal of providing you with tangible strategies to put to use after each coaching session. While we may spend a great deal of time talking about how you and your child feel about various situations, we do so in order to uncover what is really motivating your child to exhibit certain behavior and to decide which parenting strategies may work best to address it.


While I specialize in coaching adults, I also work with college students directly.  ADHD life coaches help their clients identify their challenges, create a plan so they can move past their obstacles, leverage their strengths, and learn new habits, and strategies to reach and stay with their desired goals. Coaching becomes a tool, a resource. The real goal of coaching is to change how you perceive yourself and, ultimately, teach you how to coach yourself. As a client, you should expect nothing less.

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Phone: 216-276-6364

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