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ADHD Organizer Coach
52 Rue Linden, Baie-D’Urfé, Quebec H9X 3K4, Canada H9X 3K4

Nathalie wants to live in a world where highly creative individuals and divergent thinkers (including those with ADHD) are recognized as geniuses, where asking questions and challenging the status quo is a good thing and where nature is respected and appreciated.

With over 25 years organizing people, events and places, she’s been a featured speaker at leading international conferences training other Professional Organizers at NAPO, Coaches at the International ADHD Conference (hosted by CHADD, ADDA & ACO) or Health Care Practitioners at CADDRA, on how organization helps people with ADHD live a less chaotic, less stressful and more productive life.  She’s currently working on becoming Canada’s first Certified ADHD Organizer Coach (CAOC).

When she’s not rescuing another creative entrepreneur’s office from mayhem or saving a neurologically diverse couple from divorce, you can find Nathalie learning the flags and capitals of the world, indulging in the latest sci-fi fantasy TV series or weeding and pruning in her garden.

She like to say she “speaks” ADHD since she was diagnosed 6 years ago. ​

Nathalie also facilitates a support group for adults with ADHD while also providing content for monthly workshops.  She believes in “Training the trainor” which means she teaches the adult who has ADHD life changing skills that they can then pass on to their children who might have ADHD.


Nathalie helps creative individuals like you with:

  • optimizing your space so you can find your things quickly & work more efficiently. 

  • creating an energizing work space that inspires you to work.

  • using your time more effectively so you get more done in a day. 

  • simplifying your daily family management & those sanity killing “rush hours”.

  • planning and making healthy meals.

  • clearing out that “dump & run” room (which sadly is often is your home office).

  • tackling those piles of paperwork.

  • streamlining your recurring tasks so you have less to remember.

  • improving your ability to reach your goals.

  • learning how to self-advocate.

  • communicating better with your spouse and co-workers.

  • working smarter, not harder.

  • replacing that negative self-talk with a growth mindset

Contact Nathalie for your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to find out how we can work together.  Cjeck out our website to find out who do we work with.

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Phone: 514-793-3544

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