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Dr. Virginia Hurley

TimeSavor Coaching, LLC
Work Somers NY 10589 USA Work Phone: 9172136873 Website: TimeSavor Coaching, LLC


Dr. Virginia Hurley, PCC, CMC, PCAC, is a certified Life Coach and ADHD coach with additional specialized training in Positive Psychology and Wellness. An English teacher and Reading Specialist in New York City public schools, she later became a UFT teacher trainer, conference presenter, and building administrator. She specializes in time management, goal setting, and transitions. Her research interests include cognitive neuroscience studies, wellness, and nutrition. She contributed articles to several professional magazines, including Educational Leadership, on the subject of Cognitive Coaching and Supervision. Her book, TimeSavor Coaching: A Positive Psychology Approach to ADHD, was released in Oct. 2011. Dr. Hurley formerly served on the Board of Directors of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) as the Chair of the ACO Research Committee.