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Dr. Tina Marie Schneider

Licensed Counseling Psychologist
Work 6264 S. Sunbury Rd. Suite 400 Franklin Westerville OH 43081-2972 United States Work Phone: 614-653-5281 Work Fax: 614-675-4449 Website: Psychology Today Profile


I am a licensed counseling psychologist in Westerville, OH. My work environment is in private practice. I am certified by The Ohio state board of psychology (License: P.07857.)
I went into private practice to provide care to patients in my community, to help them to meet their personal goals and succeed in the home environment, at school, at work, and in the community.

Specializing in helping those diagnosed with ADHD holds a special place in my heart. I was never diagnosed as a child, and now have a daughter with combined type ADHD. Throughout the years, I have figured out what works in terms of learning and how to transform one’s environment, not the person, in helping them to be successful. I want to share this knowledge with others.

I place an emphasis on a person’s strengths, relative to their learning style. This include an individualized assessment, using the information processing model, to formulate goals. The interventions I teach to others are those I use within my own life, primarily mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The skills learned and performed successfully in sessions are then transferred to their everyday life.

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6264 S. Sunbury Rd. Suite 400 Westerville OH 43081-2972 United States