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Susan [Sue] Fay West

Productivity Coach & ADHD Specialist [Certified Organizer Coach; Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization Self-employed since 2004
Work PO Box 231 Amherst NH 03031 United States Work Phone: 603 554 1948 Work Phone: 603 765 9267 Website: website Blog: My blog


Your mind is always busy.

Your life feels chaotic. At home. At work.  In your own business. You have ADHD or you think you might because you’re forgetful, distracted, feel less efficient than other people seem, procrastinate and can’t get away from your cluttered mind. You want to match your intentions with your follow through. Your personal productivity – your whole life – is feeling chaotic and you’re not living up to the potential you know have.

Your productivity at work and at home is shot. You’re not getting stuff done. Your office is disorganized. You lose track of projects, referrals, and client details. You’re tired of moving from crisis to crisis, often using deadlines to force you to get things done. Time management? Not your strength.

Chaos. Stress. Couples conflict. You can’t figure out how to manage it all. You’ve reached a point where you just want it to be easier. You want a road map, some new ways to “organize life” and get unstuck at work so that you can move onto the next level.

At our meetings.

(1) We work to understand what’s happening: the problems, frustrations, and day-to-day effects (from reflection questions).  (2) Narrow in on a goal or result for the whole partnership and for each day’s meeting. (3) Work out strategies, routines, habits, and tools that work for your way of thinking. (4) Decide what accountability looks like. Figure out what can be done in between meetings to move things forward. (5) Learn from what works and also what does not work as we intended.  (6) Identify support, self-care, people, resources – ways for you to continue, and especially with ADHD to remember to use your best strategies. (7) Continue until the package of time is over or one of us says “I think we’re done on this goal. We did it!”

Start here.

Month-to-month or 3 month package available. Because some of us work best with deadlines!

Not ready yet? Try my ADHD self paced workbook, “You are not your adult ADHD,” with a jumpstart 1/2 hour with me to help you get going.

Or peruse the blog or my Youtube channel for specific tips and suggestions.

Please keep me in mind if you’re not quite ready. Or contact me for a no charge, 1/2 hour call to see if you think there is a fit.

By phone or by Zoom.