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Photo of Susan Bridges M.A.,C.P.C. ADHD Coach, Parent Educator,Tutor

Susan Bridges M.A.,C.P.C. ADHD Coach, Parent Educator,Tutor

Work Grapevine Texas 76051 Cell Phone: (817) 312-4574


Susan Bridges, Coach ,M.A., C.P.C. is a Certified Professional Coach, who provides practical, professional, educational assistance to clients who face the challenges of ADHD, Executive Function Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. Her practice includes children, teens, adults, couples, and parents. She is a C.P.C., who partners with those most affected by their loved one’s learning and behavioral issues.

Susan earned her Coaching Certificates at the Life Coach Institute and JST Coaching. In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the Catholic University of America. She has been actively involved in her post-graduate study, workshops, and seminars, taking great pride in becoming an expert in ADHD, Executive Function Disorders as well Learning Disabilities issues with children as well as adults. She is an active member of the National Resource on ADHD ( and the Attention Deficit Disorder Organization (

As a professional coach, Susan relies not only on her educational background but many years of working with ADHD children and adults. On a daily basis, Susan experienced first hand the challenges these children face, as her daughter suffered severally from ADHD. When her daughter graduated from the University of Texas-Arlington with Honors, proud Mom and daughter exclaimed, “We did it!”. But Susan and her daughter knew it was the participation and involvement of her  family as well as Susan’s professional knowledge that helped her daughter work with her ADHD issues that she had faced in the classroom and on the playground.

ADHD challenges are extremely stressful and problematic. Susan focuses on increasing the extended family’s knowledge, acceptance, and understanding to effectively create solutions with her client. Over time, significant improvements can be measured and goals obtained. One can observe improvement in academic scores, work performance, and increased positive interaction with family, friends, and business associates. Susan encourages the client to identify new effective communication skills, set realistic goals, and instills a sense of teamwork with the family, individual, parents, and couple.

Susan’s coaching primarily relies on practical and simple steps, creating personal action plans and setting obtainable realistic goals for the client to both understand and implement. Parents begin to use confident parenting techniques, adults become more accountable for their behavior decisions, children begin to establish self-confidence, and couples start to utilize constructive communication in their relationship.