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Dr. Shaena Yule Gardner PsyD, HSPP

Psychologist Gardner Psychological Services
Work 10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Suite 250 Hamilton Fishers Indiana 46256 United States Work Phone: 317-813-5002 Website: Gardner Psychological Services


I am married with three children, two dogs, and a frog. We have lived in Fishers since 2005, following the completion of my postdoctoral internship at the Hamilton Center in Terre Haute. I attended undergraduate at the University of Kentucky and swam there as well. I was originally pre-med, but fell in love with psychology in PSY 101 and really never looked back. I completed my Masters degree at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky and my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.

I was involved in a group practice in Fishers for about six years and then spent several years in Geriatric and Rehabilitative Psychology recently. I did fall in love with the elderly population but the intense focus on the financial bottom-line was really disheartening and counterproductive to therapy. Therefore, I am heading back to private practice and out of my own. I am looking forward to helping people based solely upon their needs and desires, without unwanted input from insurance companies and unwarranted financial constraints.

For fun, I drive my kids carpools and go to all their sporting events! Actually, my husband and I love the beach and watching movies. I love our dogs, who are both rescues, and would probably have ten if it weren’t for my husband’s sense of reason. And if I’ve got some free time, I love a good book.

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I Love ADHD!
I do. I love ADHD!
I love kids with ADHD, I even love adults with ADHD (one in particular, so much that I married him). I think ADHD is fabulous, or should I say it can be…

For you parents out there who are saying, Whaaaatt? She must be crazy? She must not have met my kid, or my spouse? I have. I’ve met them all. I’ve been working with kids, teens, and adults with ADHD since I was just a baby psychologist. My first practicum during my Masters was at the Center for ADHD in Louisville, Kentucky. I became the ADHD Manager at the community mental health center I worked at outside of Louisville, in Bullitt County, Kentucky; in between my Masters and my Doctorate. The ADHD population has been my favorite population of people to work with since I began working in psychology.

Why? Because no two people are alike and the there are so many fascinating positives that go along with the condition that no one addresses and it’s really fun to find them and focus on them! It’s really fun to turn negatives into positives and watch people’s, especially children’s, self perception totally shift! Are there challenges to having ADHD? ABSOLUTELY! But you likely already know what they are and there other pages on this website that will explain them as well. This post is about the good side and why I get excited about working with people with the condition.

Typically, they’re really interesting! Never a dull moment. Very creative. Often quite bright, if not exceptionally intelligent? Can think outside the box. Lots of times there’s a wonderful sense of humor, quick wit, or clever little stinker hidden in there. And lots of energy! Channeling all of this in the right direction can lead to amazing success! So how much fun does that job sound? Right? I love ADHD!