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Seema Ahmed MS, CLC

Academic Life Coach Specializing in ADHD
Home Phone: 630-808-8861 Website: Seema Ahmed MS, CLC


         I am an ICF certified Academic Coach, specializing in ADHD. My  own struggle with attention and focus led me to become a Academic and ADHD Coach and serve this amazing Community.

       I work with teens, adults and parents.  I team with my clients to recognize their goals and embark with them on the journey to transform their life. My approach is very simple.

       I restructure the point of performance by engineering the environment around the executive deficit, and then work on  behavior modification through instruction and motivation.  In simple words I help my clients in:

1. Improve their learning and study skills

2. Work on their time management by externalizing time

3. Develop oganizational skills

4. Help them manage stress

5. Make them more accountable

6. Create intrinsic motivation

7. Help Parents, Teen and Adults to  manage ADHD

       Apart from the above I also develop personalized strategies and tools that can help them reach their maximum potential.

      I am a Mom to two beautiful girls. When I am  not coaching I love to spend time with them, watch TED Talks and dream big.