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Michelle Intrepidi

Executive Functions Coach | Learning & Development Manager Learning Disabilities Association of ManitobaLearning & Development
Work 617 Erin Street Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Work Phone: 204 774-1821 x 11 Cell Phone: 204 299-0482 Skype: michelle.intrepidi8 Website: http://www.incoaching.ca


A culmination of diverse professional experience brings focus to my growing ADHD coaching practice and career development consulting: a unique program design and delivery of custom performance strategies for university students, business owners, and high-caliber professionals. With laser focus on workplace interventions with public and private employers committed to meet accessibility standards in compliance with provincial legislation.

Michelle founded Intrepidi Professional Consulting in 2013, in response to expressed consumer need. As an ongoing commitment to learning differences and human development builds upon a 15 year career teaching and advising university students and transitioning adults on the attentional spectrum and learning differences. I am a certified educator, and an ADHD Coach. My hallmark is a perceptive and direct approach in creating consistent sustainable outcomes with those I am privileged to serve.

Recognized as the go to person for ADHD resources in the Region, I continue to expand my brand to include project work as a career development consultant. As a learning and development manager of a Federal project, 10+ years running, I facilitate psycho-educational assessments, education of individual learning profile, skill development and employment placement for those struggling to build a strengths-based foundation to gain, maintain and grow a career in our global market.

An active contributing member of ADDA’s Workplace Issues Committee, from survey mining, writing articles, and developing a speaker’s guide to compliment “ADD in the Workplace” presentation; by valued committee members; an educational tool to inform employers, HR professionals, business owners seeking to learn about and retain their talented ADHD employees.


An ICF member of good standing, committed to continuous learning in pursuit of credentialing enhancing the practice in the art and science of the coaching profession.