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Michelle Intrepidi

Founder Intrepidi Professional Consulting Inc.Personal & Career Development
Work 595 Clifton Street Winnipeg MB R3G 2X5 CANADA Work Phone: 1-877-939-3933 Work Phone: 204-615-6344 Website: https://intrepidi.ca


Founder of Intrepidi Professional Consulting Inc., acting as Director of Special Projects.

Career Continuity is a unique program designed for individuals impacted by symptoms of ADHD, Learning Differences. We are equipped to assess, prepare and coach individuals to lead with their strengths in new work roles, business ownership, or a return to post-secondary education environments. We work directly with employers in work experience and accommodations endeavors. Particularly suitable for youth and emerging ADHD adults requiring some real-world experience in a supportive environment.  Other services include; adult ADHD Coaching for career professionals; Success Strategies for Students; workplace presentations on ADHD and Accommodations in the Workplace; and focused support groups.