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Melissa Maguire Rutherford

Life Coach; President of Melissa Coaching Inc. & Co Owner of ADDProfessionals Inc. Melissa Rutherford Coaching Inc. & ADDProfessionals Inc.College, Career & Adult Professionals
Work 5215 E. 71st Suite 400 Tulsa OK 74136 Tulsa Cell Phone: 918-381-2540


Melissa Rutherford is an International Certified Life Coach, (PCC, ACCG) focused on “empowering” individuals; leading them to personal growth and greater success.  Melissa specializes in helping individuals gain positive self-awareness. Clients receive support, tools, tips, education & accountability as desired.   Melissa focuses on empowering college students, adults & professionals.

Melissa Rutherford graduated from ADD Coach Academy in 2009 and earned her ACCG certification in 2012.  She holds a professional coaching certification (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, the highest standard in the coaching industry (ICF). Melissa is also a certified Edge coach & holds a CSS (Career & Life Planning Services certification).  She is a contributing author to two ADHD books; 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD & More Ways to Succeed with ADHD. Melissa currently works with college students, adults & professionals. She coaches in person in her office in Tulsa, OK, by skype & face time,  or on the telephone. Melissa is President and owner of Melissa Rutherford Coaching, Inc.

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5215 E. 71st Suite 400 Tulsa OK 74136 Tulsa