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Dr. Marie Hume Guilford

Work 227 EAST VIRGINIA STREET Tallahassee FL 32301 United States Work Phone: 850-224-5801 Website: Capital Psychology Consultants


Dr. Guilford is a Licensed Psychologist in Georgia and Florida and a member of the American Psychological Association, ADDA, and CHADD.  She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1996 from Florida State University.  After graduation she worked for Psychology Associates of Tallahassee as a Fellow in Psychology and worked as a consultant and Chief of Staff with Florida State University’s Specialized Treatment Program and as an adjunct instructor at FSU and Tallahassee Community College.  Dr. Guilford started her private practice in 1998; Capital Psychology Consultants.  Dr. Guilford’s private practice specializes in psychological evaluations and testing with a specialty in ADHD evaluations of college students and adults. She is passionate about helping individuals who have struggled with undiagnosed ADHD understand what it is and how it impacts their lives so they can better understand themselves and function at their best in a neurotypical world. 

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227 EAST VIRGINIA STREET Tallahassee FL 32301 United States