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Ms Maggie Alexander ND, PMHNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Maggie Alexander NP
Work 1675 SW Marlow Avenue Washington Portland OR 97225 USA Cell Phone: 5035239629 Website: Maggie Alexander NP


Perhaps you have a common condition known as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD), or maybe just the Attention Deficit part. Good news – we have learned that people with this trait have a host of qualities, some of them are positive, like thinking ‘out of the box’ and ‘being here now’ sorts of people. Other qualities can lead to deep discouragement and difficulty accomplishing your goals in school, work and even with your personal relationships.

It has been my pleasure to learn a lot about what ADD/ADHD is. Frequently you may have trouble with what is known as executive functioning – impulse control – shouting out an answer or a thought, difficulties with organization, planning, or sustaining attention on subjects that you find challenging and self-regulation. Common symptoms of ADD include losing things, being forgetful, trouble getting final details of a project wrapped up or things organized or even delaying getting started. If you also find yourself being very fidgety or were that kid that had to move around a lot, or still have trouble sitting still in meetings, you may also have the hyperactive part of ADHD.

More good news, people with ADD have many wonderful characteristics. Often you forgive mistakes easily, are compassionate, don’t harbor resentment, are warmhearted, intuitive, fast thinkers, insightful, multi-talented, fun-loving, energetic and resilient people. These wonderful attributes are maintained when ADD is treated with medication.

There’s so much help available – I can connect you with lots of resources that will help you live with this good/bad trait.  I can prescribe medication that usually helps improve concentration and reduce anxiety.  We’ll talk about how ADD/ADHD contributes to your abilities and gets in the way of you accomplishing your dreams.

Finally, if you’re interested in the biochemistry – we can check out your genetics and laboratory values and see what’s contributing to those low neurotransmitter levels that may be underlying  your troubles.  There’s new research being conducted at Harvard on an amazingly effective supplement.  It is safe for pregnant women and children and can boost your trace vitamin and mineral levels and improve sleep, concentration and mood.

Professionals – I love to network and share my knowledge base.    (preferred)

Phone Consults Available:              503 523-9629   Portland, Oregon


Undergraduate:  Oberlin College

Graduate:  Case Western Reserve University – ND in Nursing;    University of Colorado  – MS in Midwifery;    Rush University – MS in Psychiatric Nursing