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PMHNP Maggie Alexander NP
Work 1675 SW Marlow Avenue Suite 315 Portland Oregon 97225 USAHome Oregon 97225 United States Work Phone: 5035239629 Website:


As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Nurse-Midwife I approach ADHD through an integrative lens.  My practice is to do a comprehensive assessment that includes your life experience, genetics and biological influences like mineral, vitamin and hormone imbalances.

I offer face to face assessments and treatment plans for adult and teens.  This includes evaluation appointments that will incorporate the various factors that may be contributing to your concerns.  In addition I also offer phone consultations that zero in on your specific experience and questions if you are out of state.

My approach to ADHD is to to draw on the positive – consider the up side of distraction – Curiosity;  impulsiveness – Creativity and hyperactivity – Energy (thank you Dr Hallowell).  Tailoring the very specific use of medications, supplements,  skills building and therapy generally results in outstanding results.

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1675 SW Marlow Avenue Suite 315 Portland Oregon 97225 USA

Oregon 97225 United States