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Dr. Maelisa Hall

Evaluations, Coaching and Counseling Hall Coaching Group
Work 2102 Business Center Drive Orange County Irvine CA 90803 USA Work Phone: 9495068367 Skype: drmaelisahall Website: Hall Coaching Group


Struggling to keep up with your work and home life? Do you need practical strategies you can use right away and want to work with someone professional who also gets what it’s like to wake up with ADHD every morning (and try going to bed with ADHD every night!)?

My name is Maelisa Hall and I’m not only a licensed psychologist but also living with ADHD and diagnosed as an adult. I know what it’s like to stress out over planning dinner, forget laundry and deal with (seemingly) constantly disappointing your partner.

More importantly, I also know what it’s like to use ADHD as a strength and have created two businesses, one where I even teach mental health professionals solely about paperwork!

I don’t believe that coaching or counseling always needs to take months or even weeks. I often work with my clients just one or two times before they have acquired the skills they need to relieve their stress, communicate better with their partner, and become more organized with their time.

Because ADHD doesn’t simply show up in a session once a week, I also offer communication via text, phone call or email in between our sessions. That helps you get results quickly and when you need it most- in the moment.

I provide coaching to people all over the country and offer in person ADHD evaluations to those in the OC/South Los Angeles area. 

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