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Laurie Dupar

Nurse Practitioner, ADHD Life Coach, Founder-International ADHD Coach Training Center International ADHD Coach Training Center
Work Bellingham WA 98225 United States Website: International ADHD Coach Training Center (IACTCenter) Website: Coaching for ADHD


Laurie Dupar is a  trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, 17 year veteran ADHD life coach and director of the International ADHD Coach Training Center ( Using her unparalleled expertise in both the neuroscience and behavior management of ADHD, Laurie works with private clients who want to finally understand how their brain works, minimize their challenges and get things done! In 2015 she founded the ICF (International Coach Federation) approved International ADHD Coach Training Center ( where she trains and mentors emerging ADHD coaches to help them make a living while making a difference. Laurie is the co-author and editor of the #1 Amazon bestseller series, the ADHD Awareness Book Project, that includes titles such as: “365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD”, “Inspirational ways to Succeed with ADHD” and “Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD.” She is a sought after speaker and presenter nationally and internationally on topics of ADHD and coaching.  Download her complimentary eBook, “Brain Surfing and 31 Other Awesome Qualities of ADHD” at http://www.coaching  To find out if you have what it takes to be an ADHD coach, take the online assessment at  

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Bellingham WA 98225 United States