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Photo of Dr Kim Kensington PsyD

Dr Kim Kensington PsyD

Clinical Psychologist Private Practice
Work 1452 26th Street Suite 201 Santa Monica CA 90404 Work Phone: 323-522-4233 Website: http://www.procrastinationdoctor.com


Dr. Kim Kensington is a clinical psychologist who maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, California. She is the author of “Starting Tomorrow: 7 Steps to Lasting Change-Get Stuff Done and Have More Fun!,” and a contributing author to “Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams,” Wiley, 2015. Speaking credits include the recent ADHD Palooza as well as CHADD, ADDA and ACO conferences. One of her presentations was selected to provide continuing education to fellow mental health practitioners. Dr. Kensington has been quoted in Forbes.com: “ADHD, Women And Work: What It’s Like And Ways to Cope”, Psychcentral.com: “ADHD Experts Reveal Their Favorite Ways to Manage Procrastination,” io9.gizmodo.com: “The Secret to Overcoming Procrastination” and Lifescript.com, “How to Quiet Symptoms of Adult ADHD.” She grew up in Honolulu where she attended Punahou with Obama, received her BA from Amherst College and her PsyD from the Virginia Consortium Program. When not acting or performing stand-up comedy, Dr. Kim’s favorite procrastination pastime is walking on the beach with her dog, Tazzy.