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Dr. Kim Kensington

Psychologist / Adhd Coach
Work 1452 26th Street Suite 201 Santa Monica CA 90405 USA Work Phone: 323-522-4233 Website: http://www.procrastinationdoctor.com


Psychologist specializing in Adults with ADHD for 15 years, specializing in procrastination since 1995. Diagnosed as primarily inattentive in 40s. Frequent speaker at CHADD, ADDA, etc. Also done stand-up comedy on procrastination and ADHD. Strong believer in helping people improve their productivity as it has the biggest impact on self-esteem, depression and anxiety for adults with ADHD. But we are all complicated, so we’ll tailor our work together to be most effective for you. Author of “Starting Tomorrow: 7 Steps to Getting Stuff Done & Have More Fun” available on Amazon.