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I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, but my real qualification as a coach is that I have ADD and was able to finish my Ph.D. dissertation on time. Seriously.

Getting my doctorate was an important marker on my journey as a therapist and coach because it indicated to me that I have overcome many of the internal obstacles to success that had held me back… especially obstacles I never identified as ADD-related.

Others saw those issues, but I didn’t.

I work exclusively with adults. I’m probably the world’s #1 expert on ADD and financial trading simply because other coaches ignore the topic, whereas I believe it plays a central role.

I’m writing a book on Adult ADD right now to summarize 50 years of life experience with the condition.

I’m a competitive tennis player. My approach to ADD coaching is based on sports psychology… i.e. peak performance psychology. It’s all about how to recognize and change habits.

Medication didn’t work for me. Instead I found help from over-the-counter supplements and neurofeedback and I can supply some guidance in that regard.

I work via Skype.