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Keith Griffin ACC

Productivity and ADHD Coach EFL Coaching, LLC
Work 6600 Sugarloaf Pkwy. STE 400-216 Duluth GA 30097 USA Work Phone: 678.902.ADHD Skype: ADHDCoachATL Website: This ADHD Life Website: Schedule your free Coaching Session


Keith Griffin, ACC is a Productivity Coach with specialized training in help those with ADHD. He also hosts the podcast This ADHD Life, records tips for ADHDers on YouTube and is an advocate of thriving with ADHD by focusing on one’s strengths. Keith is a graduate of The ADD Coach Academy and has received the ACC credential from The International Coaches Federation.

Having thought of going into Life Coaching in his 20’s, Keith decided to become an ADHD Coach after he himself was diagnosed in 2015. Since his diagnosis, Keith has been on an accelerated path to helping people with ADHD make life a little bit easier. In just two short years he has received coach training from ADDCA, attended two CHADD conference, become an ADDA board member, served on the Leadership Team of the ADHD Coaches Organization and become a certified coach.

Keith enjoys coaching ADHDers aged 16 to 116 with “highly technical minds”. His ideal client is someone who is interested in, pursuing or working in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career. Keith specializes in helping people get their lives “on track” whether it be helping them with productivity, interpersonal relationships, financial issues or career transitions.

Through the coaching process I help people live within their uniquely powerful brain while learning to successfully navigate a world full of rules that oftentimes cause their brain to short circuit.” – Keith Griffin

Keith can help improve issues of distractibility, hyperactivity, self-regulation, executive function, performance under pressure, overwhelm, rumination, emotional regulation, black and white thinking, self awareness, self esteem, and his personal favorite, perfectionism. In addition to coaching those diagnosed with ADHD, he also coaches the loved one’s of ADHDers.

When not coaching, serving on the board of ADDA or spending time with family, Keith enjoys exploring new places, various technical projects and hobbies, and learning about anything and everything.

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Keith offers a free introduction to coaching call for those wishing to explore whether coaching is right for them. You can schedule your call below or through his website.

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6600 Sugarloaf Pkwy. STE 400-216 Duluth GA 30097 USA