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Dr. Kari Miller

ADHD Coach and Educational Therapist ADHD Clear and Focused
Work Los Angeles Ca USA Website: http://adhdclearandfocused.com/individual-coaching/


If you’re a woman with ADD/ADHD you may be juggling so many family and career balls that you don’t always have time for yourself!  Getting clarity on your own personalized, comprehensive plan is the first step.

You may be struggling with challenges in areas important to you such as focusing, following through, time management, organization or starting a new chapter in your life (starting a new job, parenthood, moving, going to school, opening a business).

As an ADHD coach and educational therapist, I am passionately committed to guiding women with ADD/ADHD as they get focused and organized so they feel better about themselves and get stuff done!

One of my unique specialties is helping you uncover your natural processing style so you can “bottle” what is working for you and use it in challenging situations to make your life easier and more productive!

Drawing on my background in educational psychology, we’ll work together develop concrete, innovative strategies that really work to get you the results you’re looking for.

I know that “one size does NOT fit all,” so my approach adapts to your needs. We have flexibility in our coaching approach so that you will get better and faster results!

I coach women by phone or Skype anywhere in the world through private and group coaching programs.

Learn more about choosing Kari as your coach at http://adhdclearandfocused.com/individual-coaching/

Then, use the contact form to set up an appointment for a complimentary coaching consultation.

Some background about me:

I don’t have ADHD, I have always been super organized and on top of things.

The reason I get where you’re coming from is because I have a physical disability that challenges me every day in my mobility. I understand how much harder you have to work to be in control of your life because I have to work so hard just to walk and do other basic movements that most people do effortlessly.

I rebounded from a health setback that actually lasted 10 years. When I healed enough to return to work, I obtained a PhD with distinction in educational psychology and mathematical statistics. I became an entrepreneur and started my own successful company. I have been working with adults and young people who have ADHD and learning disabilities for almost thirty years.

That’s why I “get where you’re coming from” and that’s why I can be so helpful to you. I understand the challenges you are facing, because I’ve overcome profound challenges in my own life.

Degrees, Certificates and Trainings:


PhD – educational psychology and mathematical statistics

MEd – learning disabilities, educational diagnosis, reading remediation

BS – early childhood education, behavior disorders, gifted education


BCET (Board Certified Educational Therapist)


NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)

Mindful awareness

Samonas Therapeutic Listening

Brain Gym