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Harriet Phillips

Secretary/Treasurer GAIT LLC
Work GAIT LLC P.O. BOX 6066 South Bend Indiana 46615 St. Joseph Website: restbygait.com


Hello, my name is Harriet Phillips and together with my business partner, Marilyn Brown we are co-inventors of REST, acronym for Relaxing Equine Simulator Therapy.  REST is a mechanical device replicating the gait of a slow walking horse.  We founded GAIT LLC in 2012, and began production of REST in May, 2016.  The REST device helps children and adults to relax and focus.  REST has been very successful in special needs classrooms, with OT’s and PT’s and speech therapists.  Horse therapy has been used since Roman times and its value is well documented.  We are delighted with the success of REST in helping those with neurological difficulties and are very proud of REST…..”pony in a box”.   Please check our web site restbygait.com for more information.