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Diann Wingert

Confidence & Success Coach Diann Wingert Coaching


I am a certified life coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurial adults with ADHD to overcome their mental roadblocks to confidence and success in both business and life.   My coaching philosophy combines my twenty + years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist with my training and certification as a cognitive behavioral coach.   I’ve also got quite a lot of life experience under my belt, all of it gained while being ADHD myself.

Trying to achieve success by changing your actions or circumstances without tackling the inner obstacles of negative thinking,  fear of failure and success and limiting beliefs about your worth and abilities leads to results that can’t be sustained.  I  learned the hard way that white knuckling it through life by trying to hide my ADHD was not only exhausting, it kept me from expressing my greatest gifts and letting people know the real me.

My approach to ADHD coaching is not the standard fare of time management and productivity strategies.  Tt’s not therapy either, with too much focus on the past and on feelings.  I help my clients actually change the way they see themselves and their potential and then make changes from that upgraded perspective.   I teach them the difference between managing their ADHD and mastering it,  how to create success on their terms and how to stop wasting their energy with procrastination and perfectionism.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard.  I’ve got your back, so let’s move forward.