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Christine Kotik, ACC

ADHD Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant
Work 130B Northwoods Blvd Columbus OH 43235 US Work Phone: 614-600-0212


I have a true passion for helping others understand ADHD and making positive changes in their lives. As a former educator of students with ADHD, an Adult with ADHD, a parent of complex 4 complex children, and an ADHD Coach, I am continually immersed in an ADHD world which allows me to deeply identify with what my clients experience! I have dedicated myself to broadening the reach of ADHD education and advocacy through my participation as the coordinator of Columbus, Ohio’s CHADD chapter and a licensed facilitator for CHADD’s Parent to Parent program. On the faculty of JST Coaching & Training, I work to bring the profession’s newest coaches comprehensive knowledge about coaching and ADHD.

I work with frustrated individuals of all ages. Individuals with ADHD often struggle in the home, with peers and family, and at work, so I help them build skills and acquire strategies to improve time management, decrease procrastination, develop realistic views of a task or situation, and improve relationships.  Young adults and college students are empowered to make decisions, improve follow through, build strong relationships and develop accountability. I assist adults, overwhelmed and running late, in breaking through the barriers that exist and moving towards living the life they’ve been wishing for.

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130B Northwoods Blvd Columbus OH 43235 US