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ADHD Coach (COC) for Entrepreneurs, Professionals & High Performers Founder Sane Spaces, LLCCreator of Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI)
Work PO Box 710 Pike Milford PA 18337 United States Cell Phone: 5703517146 Website: Sane Spaces, LLC Blog: Read My Blog


Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD are flush with ideas, yet struggle with sanity! Coaching provides a framework, accountability and a downbeat to get things done, grow a business, avoid pitfalls, and succeed without burning out in the process.

Your business success depends on the best parts of you. Coaching helps you corral your creativity, land and grow your ideas, create scaffolding around habits and determine the support you need to be successful. Together we will help you design personalized strategies to clear the fog, design a flexible energizing framework, get focused fast, and finish what you start. Your success and happiness are based on the results you achieve.

How I Help You

A performance coach can help in all aspects of your work, small business, and life.

I am a Certified Organizer Coach*, ADHD and Productivity Consultant. I work with adult professionals and entrepreneurs with ADHD to get focused and skyrocket their professional and business results. (*COC/ACC) .


My journey into entrepreneurship began as a Professional Organizer. I developed the TSSI, the only online productivity personality quiz (Time & Space Style Inventory-TSSI) to help people understand their unique Productivity Personality Style time management and organizing personality types and enhance your awareness of natural habits. Mastering time and space result in increased productivity, better results and more effective relationships for teams and businesses.

How We Meet

My typical startup coaching for ADHD clients is a 4-month commitment with weekly sessions. We work at your convenience and preference via phone, Skype, or webinar.

Corporate Coaching

My Performance Consulting and Coaching backgrounds provide a unique skill set to support entrepreneurs, professionals living with ADHD and businesses that may not have an HR team of experts. As a certified Coach/Consultant, I’ll help you get your business on track and focused on the results you need. If you struggle with getting it all done in the time you have, you’ll prioritize and put systems on autopilot so you can get back in control of your time, life and business.

As a Productivity Consultant, I work with corporate and nonprofit organizations to custom-design training to support and develop your team. Formerly HR Training Consultant and Organization Development expert, I can help your leaders enhance teamwork and communication, create a structured hiring process, systematize workflows, increase staff productivity, improve processes, master time, and be more effective.

Let’s Connect and see if we’re a match, and how I can help. Go here to book a Complimentary Discovery Call Today: http://bit.ly/ChatCena