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Casey Dixon

ADHD Coach Dixon Life Coaching, MindfullyADD
Work Litiz PA 17543 Work Phone: (717) 568-2503 Website: Dixon Life Coaching Website: MindfullyADD


Casey Dixon is a respected ADHD Coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative strategies for attorneys, professors, and other demand-ridden professionals with ADHD. Her practice also includes interventions and support for college students.

She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005, a natural progression after a 15-year career supporting students and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD in schools and universities. With a national reputation for helping clients excel in authentic and creative ways using ADHD-informed approaches, Casey is recognized as a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Board Certified Coach. Her hallmark is reliably delivering direct results without judgment.

As an in-demand ADHD Coach, Casey has developed her expertise as a solo entrepreneur, author, interviewee, expert witness, CLE presenter, and educational speaker

Recently, Casey founded MindfullyADD, a website designed to deliver mindfulness practice for ADHD featuring simple, brief and approachable exercises based on proven research. Mindfulness can help adults with ADHD resist distractions, improve their mood, get things done and feel better about it.

Casey Dixon is a Professional Certified Coach, ICF; Board Certified Coach, CEE Global; Senior Certified AD/HD Coach, IAAC; Coaches & Mentors Coach; Edge Foundation Coach; Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance; Graduate, JST Coaching; and has a Master’s of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.