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Brooke Schnittman

ADHD/Executive Function Coach Coaching With Brooke LLC
Work Phone: 561-303-2791 Website: Coaching With Brooke, LLC


Since 2006, Brooke Schnittman has worked with clients with ADHD and Executive Function difficulties. Brooke obtained her Master’s from New York University in Students With Disabilities. She was a Special Education Administrator in the number one school district in the country. Brooke moved to Florida to be closer to her family. There she started her business, Coaching With Brooke, LLC to help children, teens, adolescents and adults who struggle with ADHD and Executive Function difficulties achieve their goals.

Brooke’s clients work with her to:

-Organize at work, school and at home

-Focus on work/school priorities and productivity

-Be held accountable

-Build simpler, smarter habits and routines

-Manage their time

-Understand what ADHD is and what it isn’t

-Set and reach goals

-Arrive to places on time

-Study and improve homework skills

-Build better diet, sleep and exercise habits

-Improve relationships and communication skills

-Know what to say to other people about their ADHD