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Alice Price

Organize Long Island, Inc.
Work PO Box 68 66 DAVISON LN E Suffolk WEST ISLIP NY 11795 United StatesHome NY 11795 United States Home Phone: 6317489778


My goal is to assist you in reducing the mental and physical clutter that are preventing you from achieving your goals. My mission is to assist you in finding the right solutions for you.

I fully respect that everyone’s strengths, needs, situations and personalities are different.  I take basic organizational skills, strategies and concepts and customize them for each individual.  I recognize that each dilemma is unique and requires a unique solution.  I develop customized systems and routines that will get and keep things organized.  I help you optimize your environment to a level that’s comfortable for you and easily maintainable by you.  I work with you in a constructive, compassionate, enthusiastic and non-judgmental manner to help you to define and reach your goals. Through coaching and hands-on organizing, I can help you make your goals and dreams into reality.