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Contact: David Giwerc
Home 1971 Western Ave #106 Albany New York 12203 Work Phone: 800-915-7702 Work Fax: 888-316-6137 Website: ADD Coach Academy


The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) is proud to be the global leader in ADHD Coach Training and Education, and is the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) , the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching profession.

In addition to ADHD Coach Training, we offer Educational courses that are very popular with those struggling with the challenges of ADHD.

Simply ADHD Course:   The course will provide you with proven tools and models that powerfully explain ADHD in everyday language. It will also help you identify how and where ADHD can impact daily living while improving your ability to manage it more effectively for an enhanced quality of life. Find out more

Personal Transformation (PT) Course:  During the Personal Transformation course, you will engage in a transformational process that will expand your self-awareness, positively change the way you look at yourself and others, and inspire you to pursue your authentic goals and dreams..  Find out more

Both of these courses are also the foundational courses for those who want to move forward with coach training.

All of our programs are delivered via telephone bridge lines so that students can connect from the comfort of their home or office. Therefore, we have students participate from all over the world.

You can listen to our free recording to find out more about our renown,accredited coach training programs and educational courses. .To receive a link to this recording, please click here.

You can also see what our students say about ADDCA.. Click Here

Licenses and Accreditations: Fully accredited ACTP and AACTP (ICF and PAAC)
ADHD Organization Memberships: PAAC, ADDA, CHADD, ACO, ACTO
Years in Practice: 16



Clients/Client Issues: Adults, Entrepreneurs
Ages: Adults, Parents of Children with ADHD, Senior Citizens
Modality: Group, Remote (phone, Skype, etc.), Products

Financial Information

Accepted Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover
Accept Health Insurance: No
Sliding Scale: No