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Adam Benjamin Garrett

Realtor & Credit Card Points Maximizer Greg Garrett Realty
Work 11864 Canon Blvd Suite 103 Newport News VA 23606 United States Cell Phone: 757 879 9651 Website: Adam’s Real Estate Website Website: Homeless, Poor, & Frugal Living Resource Website: Free Credit Card Recommendations Based on Your Situation


I am a full-time 3rd generation real estate agent with ADD.  I saved around $10,000 worth of travel expenses through credit card points/miles in 2017 alone & have found a way to give you free credit card advice to help you maximize where in some cases I can get even more points/miles/cashback.

Even if you are not in the Hampton Roads area of VA looking for a Realtor, I can refer you to another professional who is in your area anywhere in the US and in some cases in other countries. In the process, I can also let you know about possible programs to use to dramatically reduce your costs, especially on the purchase of a home but also on a smaller scale on the listing of your home through rebate matching.

I also can recommend credit cards to help you travel and get extra cash back. I don’t charge anything and am paid and given incentives if you acquire credit cards that I send you that happen to have referral bonuses associated with them (although I send ones with referral links and ones without them depending on your situation according to what would suit you best).


You may or may not already know this fact, but real estate agents can get high-value referral fees for referring you to another real estate agent to buy or sell in a different area even if it’s in a different part of the country. What that can mean for you is that if I am going to give you a referral, I have a high financial incentive to give you the best referral possible.

Rebate Matches on Referrals:

In addition, Greg Garrett Realty has a policy where we will match virtually any offer from other companies for rebates and otherwise (such as found with USAA). I would like to extend that offer to my referrals throughout the country.

Additional Home Buying Incentives:

As an added bonus for your referral, I have a larger list of home buying incentives than any resource that I’ve found after scouring the internet including combining lists of lists all into one place for the most comprehensive resource I am aware of for helping you to save further on a home purchase through various programs. I believe in it so much that if you find a more comprehensive list than I have, and send it to me, I will give you $100. The value of some of these resources is incredible. Programs exist where eligible buyers can get as little as 0% interest, up to $65,000 in down payment assistance, 50% off a home, 37 year loans, options for no down payment, “credit score not considered,” and otherwise. The programs include some with no income limits, including one to help people acquire homes up to $1,000,000.

Supporting family and missions:

ADD unmanaged adds a layer of difficulty in providing for a family. Whether you work with me to buy or sell a house in VA or whether you ask me for a referral, in doing so, you are supporting my efforts to provide for my family as well as my ministry in the United States and in other countries. My current & past efforts include helping the homeless ( ), ministry with Orphan Helpers in El Salvador and Honduras ( ,, and youth ministry with my church.

More about me:

I got married 2 months ago almost to the day of this writing. My wife shares my passion for missions as well as my love of God and people.

For those that don’t know me, I’m a unique blend of intensity, serenity, and levity, depending on the situation! My interests and activities are equally as diverse, from art, to research, to water sports, to hunting.

This section is organized in the following fashion:
1. Personality type and communication
2. Memory
3. Quest for Truth
4. Philosophy and Life Pursuits (If the length of my “About Me” section is too much, I recommend skipping to this last part)

Personality type and communication:

I’m a Myers Briggs ENTX (Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiver/Judger). While a natural ENTP, I’ve become more of an ENTJ over time as I’ve seen the benefits of planning etc. As a natural ENTP, I prefer for folks to be very direct with me. For instance, if anyone sees any error on my part, I appreciate people telling me plainly whatever they believe that I’m doing wrong or could do better, whether a moral issue, a spelling or grammatical error, or otherwise (Proverbs 9:8; 27:6). I tend to be rather direct with others as well, so please don’t ask me something unless you want the truth! ENTP’s are also known for being nonconformists, challenging accepted cultural norms with experience, research, and other data accumulated over the ENTP’s lives. I value functional utility over cultural conformity to a higher degree than most, which is at times met by opposition and misunderstanding, particularly among the more ethnocentric. I’m a Strong’s SAI (Social Artistic Investigator).

At times I delay responses to non-functional emails or messages. Please attempt to exercise patience with me and not take offense. This is one of my major vices. Please attempt to understand that I try to favor what I need to do outside of social media over Facebook and email, and do not always get back to people promptly via these mediums. If I take too long or never respond, it’s probably not anything about you and there’s probably nothing wrong with what you said so a call or text would be appreciated.


My short-term memory is one of my lesser faculties, which means you’ll see me taking more notes and relying on my notes more than the average person. My memory makes for some interesting re-introductions when I don’t remember someone’s name or face. Another example would be where I made a B+ in biology at CNU due to the memorization component whereas I had a 100 the first half of the same semester in Physics prior to slacking off in the 2nd half in light of the fact that the difference between 100 and a high A means nothing on GPA whereas the stronger focus on biology did. My weaknesses are matters that I seek to appreciate more in light of the reality of the heightened dependency on the Rock of my Salvation necessary to make up for my gaps (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).

Quest for Truth:

As a natural ENTP, I love to ask the question “Why?” and am on a constant quest for objective truth. I believe that study, intentional experience, and critical thinking regarding commonly held cultural values is very important in arriving at Truth, meaning, and Love (Agape). It is easy to overestimate the logic inherent in thought and action, while underestimating other factors. It is easy to be blinded by normative experience and status quo bias (naturally denied most often as they occur) among other things. Despite my relatively dogged attempts to counter such bias with diverse research and experience, I am too often blind due to these and other reasons in many regards.
Truth apart from relevance is of minimal consequence, which leads into my last and most important segment.

Philosophy and Life Pursuits:

While my tendency is to chase after pleasure, which I certainly do, I have seen from experience that true joy does not come from such things. The pursuit of instantaneous gratification merely whets your appetite for more. The nations with the highest rates of depression are among the most affluent. I have become convinced that man was born to serve, in a world where suffering, selfishness, meaninglessness, and apathy are integrally related. True joy is found in true Love, a concept rather foreign to our broken world. While I am not an ascetic, I feel that pleasures that come with meaning are far sweeter than those that are arrived upon more artificially. As an example, bracelets that orphans made and freely gave you out of their poverty, tying them onto your wrists themselves as tears wet your face, are far sweeter than those acquired while shopping, reminding you of precious souls and joy-filled experiences that you hope to never forget.

At the end of my days, the pleasure, power, money, etc I spent time chasing after (which I certainly do!) will matter little, while the moments of joy, looking into the face of an orphan who loves me, and some of the moments of pain, tired after long hours of work on public health amidst heat rash in India, might be cherished.

While I say this, it is very difficult to live in light of its reality, yet the quest for Truth, peace, meaning, freedom, hope, Love, God, etc. (interwoven with the grace of God in these and many other capacities) compels me, despite my failures and inadequacies, to seek it still. In this, (and in so many other ways!) I am blessed beyond what I could ever hope to deserve!

In a world chasing after ephemeral things that will never satisfy (Ecclesiastes 2), the Love (Agape) of Jesus is so much more full of Life (1 John 4:8, John 10:10, John 14:6, Philippians 3:8)!

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11864 Canon Blvd Suite 103 Newport News VA 23606 United States