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Abraham Breuer ACC

ADHD Family Coach
Work 48 Reagan Rd 19 stern st spring valley NY 10977 USAWork 425 Schunnemunk Rd Highland Mills NY 10930 USA Work Phone: 845-459-3164 Website: ADHD Family Coaching – More Info


I work with ADD Adults, Parents and their ADD children to better understand each-other and themselves and to find effective ways to cut away the roughness of the beautiful diamond that lies within. I have many years of experience and got my ADHD Coach Training at ADDCA, I also completed the ADDCA Family ADHD coach training. Call Today, to schedule your complimentary Session. I speak English and Yiddish.


As a public service, I am available between the hours of 5PM and 6PM EST on weekdays to answer any ADHD related questions from the general public. You do not need to be my client to utilize this service.I do try to keep the calls to 5-10 minutes so that more people can benefit. Just call me at 845-459-3164.
You can also contact me at AB@FamilyADHDCoaching.com
To learn more about ADHD, Family Coaching or to review my qualifications, visit my website at http://www.FamilyADHDCoaching.com
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48 Reagan Rd spring valley NY 10977 USA

425 Schunnemunk Rd Highland Mills NY 10930 USA