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Career And Academic Coach for ADHD and Executive Function Challenges
Raz Coaching and Coaching Academics
PO Box 771726, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Why work with Coach Michelle?

  • Master’s Degree
  • Over 2500 hours coaching experience
  • CSS Career Service Specialist
  • BCC- Board Certified Coach
  • Director of an inter-cultural Educational Academy
  • Blogger
  • Author
  • Podcast Contributor

Partnered for Career Development and Planning with:

  • Author Happiness + Passion + Purpose  A step by Step Career Guide
  • Wilma Felmann, Author of Finding a Career that Works For You
  • Edge Foundation
  • Colorado & Washington Department of Vocational Rehab

A structured and systematic method for success in life with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges. We tackle the brain fog so common in ADHD traits to create systems that help you reach your goals, so you can succeed. My method helps you prioritize, plan, initiate and become accountable within an upbeat and positive coaching platform over Skype, Facetime or Google+. WIth over 10 years and 2500+ hours of one-to-one and group coaching, I have developed methods that work. My two focuses are CAREER COACHING for ADHD at www.razcoaching.com and ADHD ACADEMIC COACHING at www.coachingacademics.com This is my passion. My soon to be released book champions real life people with challenges who discovered the life they truly wanted with my approach and method. I welcome you to be a part of my succesful clients.

Contact Information
Phone: 970-846-8145

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