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Certified ADHD Life Coach | Certified Executive Function Coach
Courageous Minds Coaching
Vancouver, BC CANADA

Michelle McIntosh is a professionally trained and certified ADHD Life Coach and Certified Executive Function Coach. Michelle is your dedicated partner on your ADHD journey, specializing in supporting individuals who grapple with symptoms of ADHD, emotional dysregulation and/or rejection sensitivity dysphoria. As someone who lives with ADHD herself and who has a child with ADHD, Michelle understands the unique challenges that come with ADHD. Her mission is to empower you to embrace your strengths, navigate your emotions, and build resilience and inner strength. Through personalized coaching and evidence-based strategies, we work together to help you thrive and conquer these barriers one step at a time. Michelle’s compassionate approach fosters a safe and supportive space for you to share your experiences, develop effective tools and strategies, and unlock your true potential. When you work with Michelle, you’re most definitely not alone in your journey; you’re equipped with the tools and confidence to lead a fulfilling life, pushing through the barriers to the life you want to live.

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