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Certified ADHD Life Coach, Certified ADHD Parent Coach
Princeton ADHD Coaching, LLC

I am a Certified ADHD Coach and Parent Coach. I love working with parents, young adults and adults.… pretty much anyone affected by the struggles that come with ADHD! As you may know, a diagnosis of ADHD can impact an entire family. As an ADHD Parent Coach, my goal is to help parents to understand how ADHD affects their children’s experience of the world and how to help their children thrive in spite of their challenges. When coaching those with ADHD we work collaboratively to brainstorm and develop specific unique strategies that will lead to positive outcomes. Through exploration, support and an accountability presence, following through with desired plans becomes achievable. I have been described as warm and non – judgmental. I believe a comfortable positive coaching relationship is essential to experiencing successful results. My personal understanding of how ADHD can affect a family comes from my own personal experiences (I have children with ADHD) as well as my training. I received my coaching certification from the International ADHD Coach Training Center and my parent training from the ADHD Parent Coach Academy, in addition I hold a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. All of these experiences are what have lead me to being passionate about helping those with ADHD.

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