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Professional Certified Life Coach
Mendoza Well Being dba Life Coach Melanie Mendoza
3232 Bigham Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 76116, United States

Mendoza Well Being dba Life Coach
Melanie Mendoza

Complete well-being in your personal and professional lives to unite your
Body • Mind • Spirit

* General Life Coaching

* Depression, After-Care, Maintenance • Addictions, Abuses, Misuses • ADD/ADHD • Anxiety • Self-Care, Managing Stress

* Divorce Recovery • Suffering a Loss of Any Kind • Healing, Forgiveness • Singles Coaching 

* Parenting and Teen Skills for Better Relationships • Emotional Intelligence

* Career Coaching • Resume Assistance

* Talent Development, Employee Morale, Company Culture • Internal and External Customer Service, Hospitality • Office Efficiency, Productivity

Life Coach Melanie Mendoza
Survivor • Mental Health Warrior • Life Saver • Disruptor • Life Changer

End stigmas. End secrets.

I connect with people on a deeper level by inviting them into my past, present, and future, and promoting the philosophy that “Even Life Coaches” are people, too.

Because I know life can be hard, I share my life openly with others to spread hope, positivity, and even a little laughter through the temporary darkness they may be facing.

I am just like anyone else. No phony persona. No hiding behind a title or education. I have no secrets and won’t sugar-coat truths; mine or anyone else’s.

If I expect full disclosure from others, they deserve the same from me…

In 2008, I was diagnosed with clinical chronic major depressive disorder, including all the other diagnoses and chaos that often come with it; eventually, I was properly diagnosed with ADD, too!

Over those next few years, my world was turned even more upside down when this caused secrets to surface about abuse I endured in my past from others close to me suffering from manic bipolarism, alcoholism, and chronic anger.

I struggled with suicide and using sex, drugs, and alcohol to numb the lethal emotional pain. This was the toughest battle of my life!

I knew I had to make a decision… Live. Or. Die.

I made my decision. I sought, and was beyond blessed with, professional life-saving help and a small, but massive support system.

Back From The Brink… My pain has become my gift to the world. I survived, continue to do the work daily so that I can thrive, and I wear my clinical labels proudly on my journey to support others and end stigmas and end secrets.

Now, it’s my honor to use my life lessons, education, and experiences to embolden others to use their voice.

I’m passionate about my Calling to inspire and elevate everyone. I didn’t choose this career; it chose me! Helping others is the air that I breathe.

I am constantly investing in my professional and personal development to be worthy of my Clients. I only coach on topics which I have lived through and received further, specialized training hours. My main credentials include:

• Professional Certified Life Coach, Impact Coaching Academy, Accredited by the International Coach Federation

• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Phoenix

• AFSP Field Advocate; American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

• QPR Gatekeeper (Question, Persuade, Refer); QPR Institute

• Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA), American Society for Quality

• Certified Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International

• Ordained Minister; Universal Life Church

• American Association of Suicidology (, Professional Member

• Attention Deficit Disorder Association (, Professional Member

Certified Coach/Facilitator:
• General Life Coaching
• Better You Blueprint
• Mastering Belief Roadblocks
• Suicide – Coaches Save Lives
• Mission – Vision – Values – Passion
• Suicide QPR Gatekeeper: Question – Persuade – Refer
• Career Coach

Currently Pursuing:
• Masters for Pastoral Counseling
• Professional Christian Counseling Certification

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Phone: 8179034300

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