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Lisa Magel
Illuminate ADHD Coaching
Wellesley, MA, USA 02482

I’m Lisa Magel, an ADHD Coach trained by the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), as well as an Integrative Health Coach (IIN), and a trained yoga/meditation instructor. Formerly a Marketing/Advertising specialist in International Business, I lived & worked in many different countries and 100% fluent in German.

An ADHDer myself, diagnosed in my early 50’s I spent ½ my life struggling without understanding why. Either hyper focused and efficient, or procrastinating and demotivated. The only consistent thing was my inconsistency. As a parent of neuro-diverse and gifted children, with multiple EF challenges, I know firsthand how real the daily struggle is! I became an ADHD coach, after working with one, who helped us turn our lives around. I am passionate about supporting other neuro-diverse women, parents, families, teens and college students on their personal journey to live better with ADHD!

My coaching approach includes working collaboratively to uncover strengths and superpowers, identify challenges, develop personalized strategies and supports and ultimately help ascertain and understand their own personal operating systems!   My health coach, yoga/meditation/mindfulness training, provides a large toolkit to pull from for a truly holistic coaching experience!

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Phone: +16174075006

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