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Coach & Organizer
Mastery Coaching & Consulting

We work on my deeply held belief that Mastering your life comes from Mastering your day–no matter what that means to you.

For over 20 years clients of all ages have depended on me for personal and business coaching, personal assistant services and organizational assistance.

Most of my clients have ADD somewhere in their day, whether themselves or family or staff. It gets in the way and we figure a way with it, through it, around it, under it or over it!

For coaching, we meet by phone for short chats that won’t interfere with your busy day to figure out what’s in your way, what’s next, and what is the best strategy for your time, money and interests.

And while coaching and learning go a long way and for those that simply want more, I also offer side-by-side help in organizing homes, offices, and workplaces. No, you’re not the worst ever! We can work together to get your spaces and information organized realistically.

I also offer interactive, easy, interesting classes for your workplace or community group.

Reach out, let’s talk. Nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Contact Information
Phone: 215-460-6173

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