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Certified Organizer Coach (COC), ADHD/Executive Function Coach and Educator
The Thinking and Doing Skills Center
11 Whiting Street, Hingham, Massachusetts 02043, United States, Suite C 02043

Everyone’s challenges are unique and because you know yourself best, you can use that knowledge to find the strategies and solutions that will work for the way you think and coaching can help. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand yourself better and get more done, or reduce stress or finish tasks, or whatever it is that would improve your life and reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed or frustrated? I work with adults and students of all ages.  At the Thinking and Doing Skills Center we also offer special focus group classes for adults, students and parents at our office in Hingham, MA or via phone, or video online, for those not living locally. As a former teacher, I am particularly passionate about working with students (ages 7 and up) whose ADHD is preventing them from learning and succeeding in school. I am a Certified Organizer Coach (COC) from the Institute for Applied Coaching, an ADHD/Executive Function coach and educator. I have been coaching adults and students for over 10 years. Are you ready to see what coaching can do?

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