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Kristen Denney Coaching
K.D. Coaching LLC
Seattle, WA 98115

I grew up undiagnosed in a household of undiagnosed ADHD family members. If you’re like me, you might ask yourself questions similar to mine. What if as a child I’d had someone to listen to me who really understood me and what it’s like to live with ADHD? Someone who could have explained what is going on in my brain when I just can’t think, am full of emotion, or overwhelm, feel foggy, get distracted, or can’t finish a project? What if I knew I had strengths that were noticed and appreciated? What might life have been like if I knew how to work with my brain to reach my potential rather than feeling like I’m stupid or lazy? Coaching can help anyone at any age. Coaching can lead to clarity, self-compassion, greater self-care, forward movement, and greater self-understanding. When I came to coaching, it was immediately clear that it was what I had needed for some time. I became a coach because I wanted to offer others the same gift I found. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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Phone: 2063543922

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