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Kelly Garmon
Lover, Founder, Fighter of ADDcountants
Atlanta, GA, USA
Do you have ADHD?
Do you run your own business?
Me too!

My name is Kelly Garmon and I know better than most, how you feel & what you’re going through because, hey I’ve been there.
I know firsthand about the stress & overwhelm that come along with being a business owner.  Unlike most accountants, I also know that when you add in ADHD symptoms, entrepreneurship presents itself with a whole new set of challenges. These obstacles make it easy to feel the burnout, stress and overwhelm. Ultimately leading you to procrastinate.  Neglecting financial obligations will make anyone fearful, but not knowing where to turn could be the worst.

Stop the shame!
Stop feeling guilty!
Stop discrediting your successes!
Stop feeling like you’re an imposter of your own life!

ADHD & entrepreneurship go hand in hand…but that doesn’t mean you’ll be more likely to succeed.  All successful businesses have one thing in common, a healthy, solid financial structure. Your focus should be on the things you love to do in your business, and on those that make you money.  Everything else should be outsourced to a trusted expert.  As a certified QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor, and a QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper, I will help you plan with intent, control your cash flow, and grow your vision.

Join the collab that’s squashing the ugly statistics of business.  No need in worrying about disclosing the whole ugly truth of your finances.  I’m friendly, never judgemental, and my approach is always a fresh one. Please reach out for your one on one financial analysis!  I look forward to learning more about you and your business.  

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