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Juniper ADHD Coaching
ADHD Coaching for Overwhelmed Adults
Juniper ADHD Coaching LLC
1 Abbey Lane, Birmingham, AL, USA 35226

ADHD is so much more than “squirrel”


I work with overwhelmed adults deeply impacted by ADHD.

I’m mindful of maintaining an ADHD-friendly environment for myself, and I encourage my clients to create their own personalized ADHD-friendly world, too.


ADHD Coaching:

  • Disorganization and clutter prevent us from focusing on what’s important. We spend valuable time getting settled and preparing to focus, finding items we need instead of working on the task itself.   Assisting people in creating an organized environment is a passion of mine.


  • Mundane tasks and routine day-to-day activities can be incredibly taxing on us. Often we don’t do certain things because they are so boring. And we end up regretting our lack of action. Find ways to make those mundane tasks quick and painless.


  • For many, self-doubt and past failures consume our thoughts; often, we give up quickly after aiming for a goal or wanting to add healthy habits into our routine. Through ADHA coaching, you may discover that your goals actually aren’t that far away. You may also learn that adding new habits into your daily life is easier than expected.


  • When we become emotionally overwhelmed, it’s almost impossible to “snap out of it,” and focusing on something else is hard. The best way to stop emotional flooding is by preventing it. Create a plan for when you feel those negative feelings start to creep up.


  •  Being bored can be dangerous. Finding healthy dopamine hacks is essential to living a healthy life.


For us with ADHD to succeed, we need a genuine interest in the task or project at hand.

Through ADHD coaching, we can explore ways for you to live a fulfilling life confidently and authentically while keeping up with your responsibilities and not upsetting your loved ones or co-workers.


About Me:

I’m Jenny Sobaski, and I sooo have ADHD.

I’ve worked hard to create a beautiful ADHD-friendly life for myself. However,  I still have ADHD and know the genuine struggles people with ADHD face.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me getting dirty and sweaty in my yard. I also love decorating and redecorating our home.

Wearing noise-canceling headphones while I’m working, and getting outside to exercise when I start feeling anxious, are two of my best life hacks.

ADHD is a lot, but it doesn’t have to be everything.

You’re doing better than you think, I promise.

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