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ADHD Coach for Adults
Juniper ADHD Coaching LLC
1 Abbey Lane 35226

ADHD is so much more than “squirrel.”


I work with adults who are deeply impacted by their ADHD.

ADHD touches all aspects of our lives, sometimes in the most peculiar and rather embarrassing ways. I’m a huge advocate for creating an ADHD-friendly environment for myself, and I’m honored to help my clients create their own ADHD-friendly world.


What I know about ADHD:

  • Disorganization and clutter are very common. “I am so messy and disorganized, BUT I need an organized area to be able to focus.”


  • Mundane tasks and day-to-day activities can be incredibly taxing on us. Sometimes doing the dishes or finishing the last paragraph of a document feels impossible.


  • Self-doubt by perceived past failures floods our minds and may leave us giving up before we even start a new habit or project, leaving us feeling isolated and unheard.


  • Rejection sensitivities are so common among the ADHD population. Sometimes it just hurts so bad. 


  • When we become emotionally flooded, it’s almost impossible to snap out of, and the surge of emotions affects us for a long time afterward.
    •  “I don’t know why you’re so upset. Chill out.”  Ouch, comments like that are not very helpful.


  •  Being bored can be dangerous; we have an increased chance of engaging in harmful behaviors simply because we want something to engage our minds.


For us with ADHD to succeed, we need a genuine interest in the task or project at hand.

Regardless of what brings you to coaching, together, we can explore ways for you to live a fulfilling life confidently and authentically while keeping up with your responsibilities and not upsetting your loved ones or co-workers.

Finish those tasks weighing on your conscience, discover your own best way to stay organized and on time. And get out of that negative self-talk that doesn’t do anything to improve your life. 

About Me:

I’m Jenny Sobaski. I have ADHD. I’ve worked hard to create a beautiful ADHD-friendly life. I fulfill my need for excitement in safe ways. My massive, urgent projects are usually fun, and the laundry gets finished; however, that hasn’t always been true. I went undiagnosed throughout my childhood and twenties. Life was chaotic and crazy. Receiving my diagnosis at the age of 31 changed my life. I’m grateful to be where I am at today.

I’m a Minnesotan living in Alabama with my most beloved neurotypical husband, our (too) many cats, and two dogs. My mini-me young adult daughter has created her own space in our carriage apartment. My husband and daughter are my inspiration to do better and be good.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me getting dirty and sweaty in our yard. I also love decorating and redecorating our home.

Noise-canceling headphones are one of my best life hacks, along with my medication and precious sleep.

ADHD is a lot, but it doesn’t have to be everything.

You’re doing better than you think, I promise.

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