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ADHD Coach
Jennifer Lorenz Coaching and Consulting

Wherever you are on the path of learning about ADHD, I’m so happy we’ve found each other. I am a strengths-based ADHD coach, which means I help you find your strengths and unleash them, while managing your unique set of challenges. And let’s face it, ADHD comes with challenges. I know this from personal experience. I have two kids with ADHD and have ADHD myself. This is why I devour ADHD research and immerse myself in the latest science that I can translate into real results for you.

I am a lover of strategies, frameworks, tools, methods, and approaches that have been shown to help ADHDers manage their challenges and unleash their strengths. But even more than applying tried-and-true methods, I love coming up with creative and innovative solutions that are tailor-made for an individual. I’m a strong believer that just because one thing works for one person doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. So let’s find solutions that work for YOU!

I offer ADHD coaching for:

  • Career Professionals
  • Leaders and Executives
  • Parents, Kids, and Families

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