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Isaiah Bercot MD
Denver Mind and Wellness
Located Near Denver, Colorado, United States, 5255 Marshall Street, Arvada, Colorado 80002, United States

Hello, I am Dr. Isaiah Bercot, a licensed psychiatrist serving the greater Denver area. My areas of specialty include ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, and sensory processing disorder. I work with both children and adults.

The treatment of ADD and ADHD is a cornerstone of my practice and a personal passion of mine. My goal is to treat the negative symptoms such as concentration problems and disorganization while also encouraging and recognizing the positive traits that people with ADD and ADHD often have. You see people with ADD and ADHD are often filled with imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills that are far beyond their peers. They often can go into a state of heightened focus and have seemingly endless energy. Perseverance and determination are two more traits that are very common and lead to people affected by ADD and ADHD being able to achieve what others think is impossible. So, in the end ADD and ADHD can be a gift, especially with proper treatment of the negative symptoms, which allows the positive traits to truly shine.

I take an individualized and patient-centered approach to medical care. I know that no two patients are alike and that there is no magical pill that will treat everyone.

When I became a doctor, I asked myself, “What do I like about my doctor and what type of doctor do I dislike going to?” I realized that what I disliked most was not feeling listened to, being interrupted, and not feeling like I had a choice in my own treatment. That is why I give all my patients the respect they deserve. I am not the expert on you. I went to many years of school and have a good deal of medical knowledge but only you are the expert on yourself and I am here to learn from you and to develop a treatment plan together.

Both in person and telehealth appointments are available! For more information, please visit my website, www.denvermindandwellness.com or call 720-515-2169 to schedule an appointment.


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Phone: 720-515-2169

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