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Holly Seerley, MFT
10 Millwood St, Mill Valley, CA, USA, #6 94941

Are you frustrated with not being able to follow through on the important goals of your life? Do details elude you? Is your phone, hat, briefcase always in jeopardy of being left somewhere, who knows where? Does you spouse complain that they feel like a parent to you?

When successful, do you fear that you will be discovered as an impostor, someone who should not be in your position or have the partner you have? Do you compensate for your challenges by over-doing, over-preparing, feeling like you owe something more back?

As a parent or partner, are you ashamed of your outbursts? Are you painfully disappointed in the difference between your values and your reactive behavior? Do you try so hard to control your emotions but find frustration or irritation leads to a hair-trigger reaction?

Together we can successfully work on these through understanding the neuropsychology of ADHD (all types), understanding the greasy build up of a life with unrecognized ADHD, and developing a mind-set that eases your pain, experimenting and choosing time-tested tools and strategies to lessen the lousy impact of ADHD, and develop an appreciation for the positive attributes that tend to co-occur with ADHD.

I work together with adults, children, parents, couples, families and professionals to ADDress the challenges of ADHD in relationships, school, family, workplace, leadership, and one’s internal world (what one says inside their head about who and how they are that influences one’s actions in the world).

I also run a research-validated time management and organization group for adults with ADHD (all types).

I have ADHD myself and my adult son has turbo-ADHD, giving me first-hand knowledge and appreciation of ADHD and its consequences for children, parenting and women. My son is an outspoken speaker on panels of students with ADHD and other learning differences/disabilities.

I worked as a counselor and psychometrist (testing for special education) in the schools. I know the IEP and 504 system and challenges. I worked in group homes for “out of control” teen girls. I have worked with couples, children and families in my private practice for almost 40 years. Past clients return to work on new life challenges or drop me a line about how they are doing, giving me a perspective on how work with me pans out over time.

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Phone: 415-383-6656

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