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ADD/ADHD coach & psychotherapist

I’m an Ivy League-trained psychotherapist, and I’m also one of the 15 million people living with ADHD in the United States. I know firsthand the challenges ADD/ADHD can create in your life, from my own perspective, and as the parent of an ADHD child, as a professional and business owner.

ADD/ADHD can make you feel stuck. It can make you feel like you’re walking through life in 3 feet of water. Every. Single. Day.

Maybe you’re a professional working in an environment that makes deadlines and productivity feel unreachable because it was designed for a different brain than yours. Or you’re the parent of a struggling teen, often wondering to yourself what you can do to make them feel better. Or you’re a college student trying to balance the academic and social demands around you.

Regardless, you live in a constant state of overwhelm. It’s enough to make you want to scream. Or cry. I’m here to help…

I specialize in helping clients with ADD/ADHD and atypical brains overcome their emotional, behavioral, relationship and achievement challenges so they can THRIVE in life!

Clients tell me I’m a nonjudgmental truth-teller who acts less like a shrink and more like an accountability coach and built-in GPS. That’s because I don’t just focus on alleviating your symptoms, I challenge you (or your child) to think and feel differently about your ADD/ADHD. Through Executive Function Coaching and Neurocognitive Psychotherapy, we’ll focus on your (or your child’s) strengths, maximize your superpowers and unleash your full potential.

Reach out & let’s get you – and keep you – on track today!

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