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Nurse Practitioner (FNP, WHNP)
1509 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA 94103

I’m a neuroatypical Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with academic Ivy League training and clinical experience in managing mental health medications for adult neurodiverse patients of all genders.

One area of my medication prescribing expertise lies in adult ADHD management.

As I am not a psychiatric nurse practitioner/ doctor, I am not able to treat patients who have more than a simple anxiety/depression/ADHD history.

I am trained to diagnose ADHD in a very limited number of people (those who have very straightforward cases.)

I am not able to diagnose ADHD for many patients, thus usually I can only prescribe for ADHD if someone can provide me documentation of a prior ADHD assessment with a psychiatric professional.

I’m able to help you find another professional to give your diagnosis if you meet the criteria.

I am not able to prescribe ADHD medication for patients receiving care from another prescriber.

I am legally able to only prescribe controlled substance in California.

As of 1/2022 I am working for a clinic serving patients in the SF and LA areas only. We do virtual and in-person visits. We serve cis women, trans women, non-binary folx, and sometimes trans men (must be able to tolerate lots of lady language and culture, as it’s a woman-centered clinic.)

At this time it’s a membership-only service (anyone can join!) Currently we accept most CA insurance plans aside from Kaiser or Medi-Cal, however the company is working on accepting Medi-Cal soon.
Visit, and when you join, chat message with a care coordinator to ask for a visit with Kat Pinkerton, NP.
I look forward to meeting you!

* I had to list myself as a medical doctor on the site because there was no option for advanced practice prescriber such as nurse practitioner. I am not an MD, I am an NP. I have more graduate and post graduate years of medical academic training than your average MD*

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Phone: 646 650-5337

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