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Director and ADHD Specialist Coach
FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Logo
Director and ADHD Specialist CoachFLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions Logo
FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions | ADHD Coaching and Services | Nutrition Counseling | Somatic and Polyvagal, Mind-Body Integration | And more
FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions
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Occupational Therapy Practitioner Student (2 internships until graduation), Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Eligible for board-certification in health and wellness by the Board of Medical Examiners, Certified in Weight Management through Emory University Medical College, Somatic and Polyvagal Practitioner, Certified in Mental Health First Aid, Certified in Trauma-Informed Care. Extensive experience with neurodivergent individuals.

I offer adult ADHD coaching, academic and productivity coaching, career coaching, coaching for parents with ADHD children, IEP/504 Special Education Accommodation Advocate, Nutrition Counseling, Health and Wellness Coaching, Weight Management programs, Somatic and Polyvagal (mind-body integration) Programs, FREE ADHD Support Group. Please inquire by email: floramenteholistics@gmail.com or by call/text: +1 (585) 210-0070

When it comes to how I practice, I know that my unique gift is the ability to profoundly connect with others and create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. My undivided attention, genuine care, and authenticity create a safe/brave space for my clients to just BE during their journey.

ADHD/developmental disorders are near and dear to my heart. I chose to receive education in the scope of Occupational Therapy because I saw a “gap” in healthcare. Adults with ADHD are lacking in support – From childhood to adulthood, they are so often misunderstood. And I share that same story.

I have found that each person with ADHD is different, therefore we can not expect support to look the same for everyone. The key for me was to work with my ADHD brain, not against it. Now let’s do the same for you.

For most of our lives, we were trying to appear neurotypical. We masked, we overcompensated, and we rose through the constant burn-out to try and show that on the outside – we were okay. We were successful, we were thriving, we were getting by just fine… But inside, we were exhausted and we felt broken.


ADHD Coaching Can Help

I know exactly how important it is for you to feel validated, seen, heard, and understood. I know this because I too have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Drawing on my credentials and expertise, my coaching style aims to improve the overall person: Emotions, energy levels, physical health, environmental, social wellness, relationships, parenting, organization skills, coping strategies, work, and school life. We do this by cultivating change through a neurodivergent perspective. I have a comprehensive approach, emphasizing that each of my clients is an individual, therefore each journey to success is individualistic – No two are the same. I work with unique characteristics, not against them, and highlight these differences – finding ways to use them to your advantage. Therefore behavior change is sustainable.

With my help, you can discover your own best choices and proceed with confidence.

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