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ADHD Coach
Monez ADHD Coaching
Seattle, WA 98107

Evan Monez is an ADHD coach based in Seattle, WA who works with clients worldwide.

Though Evan has been living with ADHD all her life, she was not diagnosed until well into adulthood. She has deep personal experience with the unique challenges of living with an ADHD brain in a neurotypical world, especially when one’s ADHD is not well-managed. Her passion is in working collaboratively with other adults who have ADHD (with or without official diagnosis) to help them uncover and nurture their strengths and find strategies that work for them and their unique brains to overcome their challenges.

Evan’s particular passion is helping adults diagnosed later in life, or who may have been diagnosed earlier but were not given effective tools for understanding or managing their ADHD, and those who are earlier in their journey of understanding that they may have ADHD or who struggle with similar issues but do not have an official diagnosis. Evan also really enjoys working with parents and professionals who find themselves facing greater challenges than ever due to increased stress from circumstances in the world and/or their personal and professional lives.

Prior to discovering her true calling as an ADHD coach and training at the ADD Coach Academy, Evan spent several years working as an attorney in a prominent Seattle law firm. She keeps her legal skills active by volunteering with the King County Bar Association free Neighborhood Legal Clinic. She also has experience as a mediator and as a crisis hotline volunteer.

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