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Michael Carlini ACC
Carlini Coaching, LLC
420 Nichols Rd, 2nd Floor 64112

Michael Carlini’s ADHD Coaching for Medical Professionals

Are you a doctor or nurse practitioner feeling the weight of your medical duties alongside ADHD? You’re not alone. Michael Carlini’s ADHD coaching is specifically designed for professionals like you, transforming ADHD from a hurdle into an empowering asset.

With deep personal and professional insight into the medical field and living with ADHD, Michael offers a space of understanding and respect. 

He doesn’t just help you cope; he guides you to excel. Michael’s commitment is to bring clarity and balance to your career and personal life, paving the way for confidence and empowerment.

Imagine a life where the burden of late-night work and stressful hours become effective systems and strategies. Through Michael’s coaching, see yourself confidently steering your medical practice while cherishing time for yourself and your loved ones. Embrace a life of balance and fulfillment.

Empower Your Medical Journey with Carlini Coaching:

As a medical professional managing ADHD, you seek balance and efficiency. Carlini Coaching, established in 2018 by Michael Carlini, a certified ADHD coach, and spouse to a doctor, understands your unique challenges. We offer a knowledgeable and empathetic approach to help you navigate your professional world with ADHD.

In a focused 35-minute consultation, we’ll pinpoint your goals and develop a coaching plan that resonates with your personal and professional needs. Take inspiration from clients like Dr. B.

“Michael’s coaching has been transformative. His understanding of the medical world and ADHD has helped me turn perceived challenges into genuine strengths.” -Dr. B

Ready to reshape your medical career with confidence and strengths? Book your consultation now. Start your journey to a balanced, fulfilling professional and personal life today.

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Begin your journey to a more balanced, fulfilling professional life with Michael Carlini. Your journey is just a consultation away

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